Ontario’s EPR Simplified [for Producers]

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Feeling overwhelmed by Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) regulations?

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Extended producer RESPONSIBILITY

Demystifying Ontario’s EPR

Ever wondered what “EPR” stands for? It’s Extended Producer Responsibility, a regulation shifting the responsibility for managing waste to the producers who create it.

In Ontario, this means businesses that generate Blue Box, ITT/AV, and Battery waste are now responsible for its collection and recycling.

Extended producer RESPONSIBILITY

EPR Compliance Challenges

  • Managing EPR compliance can be complex.
  • You might be struggling to understand the specific regulations for Blue Box, ITT/AV, and Batteries.
  • Finding cost-effective collection networks and ensuring you meet all reporting and auditing requirements on-time can be overwhelming.

Partnering with a Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO)

A Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO) acts as a bridge between businesses and the recycling system under Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) programs. H2 Compliance North America is a leading PRO specializing in Blue Box, ITT/AV & Battery compliance in Ontario.

We help businesses like yours navigate the complexities of EPR and achieve effortless compliance.

EPR REcycling

Do I Need to Comply?

You likely need to comply with EPR if your business:

– Manufactures, distributes, or imports packaging and paper products (Blue Box)

– Sells or imports ITT/AV equipment (e.g., TVs, computers, monitors)

– Sells or imports batteries

What are my obligations under EPR?

Registration: You might need to register as a producer with a Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO) like H2 Compliance North America.

Financial Obligations
: Contribute financially to a program that supports the collection and recycling of Blue Box, ITT/AV, and Battery waste.

Reporting: You may need to submit reports on the types and quantities of waste your business generates.

Benefits of Partnering with H2 Compliance North America

  • Effortless Compliance: Our experts guide you through all EPR regulations for Blue Box, ITT/AV & Batteries.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions: We connect you with efficient and cost-competitive collection networks for your waste.
  • Reduced Burden: We handle complex reporting and auditing, freeing up your valuable time.
  • Transparency & Peace of Mind: Stay informed and compliant with Ontario’s EPR regulations.

Free Opt-Out Letter (Bonus)

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