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Backed by the international strength and resources of Landbell Group, H2 Compliance ensures unparalleled compliance and sustainability solutions for ITT/AV, battery, and Blue Box Material recycling across North America.

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As part of the Landbell Group, a global leader in producer responsibility organizations (PROs), H2 Compliance empowers businesses and consumers to make a positive impact on the environment. H2 Compliance is one of the three selected Ontario PROs for Blue Box Management. We also serve as a PRO for Information Technology, Telecommunications and Audio-Visual equipment (ITT/AV) and Batteries, offering a convenient, comprehensive suite of solutions for responsible waste management.

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We’re not just about collecting recyclable waste, we’re about promoting responsible practices. H2 Compliance offers educational resources and outreach programs to raise awareness about EPR and empower your customers to make informed choices.


We assist our members in complying with worldwide regulations for recycling e-waste, batteries and Blue Box Materials.


We work with the communities to collect and treat tonnes of waste and meet the compliance requirements of our producers.


To tackle rising consumption and waste, we inform consumers about the benefits of recycling.

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Legislation for e-waste, batteries and Blue Box Materials is in force worldwide. To meet all the requirements, you need innovative solutions and a partner with an international outlook, experience, and know-how.


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We work to educate consumers and producers about responsible waste management and EPR. Together, we can make informed choices for a healthier planet.


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We assist our members in complying with worldwide regulations for recycling e-waste, batteries and Blue Box Materials.

Individual Producer Responsibility (IPR) is a policy approach that places the primary responsibility for the management of a product, from its design and production to its end-of-life collection, treatment, and disposal, on the company that produces it.

This means that producers are no longer simply manufacturers, but are instead accountable for the entire lifecycle of their products, including the environmental impact they create.