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H2 Compliance Canada is a part of the Landbell Group. Today the Landbell Group manages 36 PROs around the world.

The latest three PROs to join this family are PROs in Ontario, Canada, serving ITT/AV, Batteries and Blue Box Materials.

Throughout our history, Landbell Group has worked with producers to create and manages PROs created by producers for producers. H2 Compliance Canada (H2C), informs consumers about, and services both private companies and public authorities through optimal solutions for recycling ITT/AV, batteries, and Blue Box Materials.


H2 Compliance makes it easy for our producers to meet compliance and reporting requirements at the best possible price and with the least possible admin.


The most effective implementation of innovative recycling strategies

We make recycling and compliance easy for you. Our straightforward recycling solutions cover e-waste, batteries, and Blue Box Materials.

More than 10 million tonnes of e-waste and packaging

Over 112,000 tonnes of batteries

36 take-back schemes


This is how we can help you

We can manage your obligations, ensure you comply and identify where there is potential in your business to unlock value. Quite simply, we help you make the most of your resources.

In 2022, our Producer Responsibility Organisations (PRO) met the collection targets in every country where we operate, assuring the legal obligations of our producers and keeping them fully compliant.

Operating in a competitive environment, these PROs showed a strong focus on driving innovation and improving the services offered to our producers. Today there are more than 38,000 clients across 62 countries who trust our services.

We are the first group of PROs to operate in different countries and were originally created in response to the EU Directives on e-waste and Blue Box Materials. Over the years, H2C has gained valuable experience internationally and we currently form the largest worldwide network of experts in extended producer responsibility.

International trade and increasing consumption make recycling an urgent and complex task. H2C helps focus the effort to achieve the greatest possible impact for consumers, producers, and society.

We also provide producers with registration and data management services around the world.


We assist our members in complying with worldwide regulations for recycling e-waste, batteries and Blue Box Materials.


We work with the communities to collect and treat tonnes of waste and meet the compliance requirements of our producers.


To tackle rising consumption and waste, we inform consumers about the benefits of recycling.

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Legislation for e-waste, batteries and Blue Box Materials is in force worldwide. To meet all the requirements, you need innovative solutions and a partner with an international outlook, experience, and know-how.

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It is not only about recycling processes and compliance, but also about networking. H2 Compliance shares knowledge, insights, and news so that together we can promote the sustainable agenda.