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Making the most of your resources – and the resources of the planet

H2 Compliance Canada’s producer responsibility organization (PRO) helps producers comply with legal obligations of extended producer responsibility in Ontario.

H2 Compliance Canada is registered as a PRO in Ontario for Blue Box Materials, information technology, telecommunications and audio visual equipment (ITT/AV) and batteries (registration number 00010527) and provides the following services for producers in Ontario:

  • registration with the Authority (RPRA)
  • meeting management requirements by collection, transportation, processing, preparation for reuse, and refurbishing materials
  • promotion and education to raise public awareness on producer’s proactive participation in solving global waste issues
  • reporting

Producers do not have to face complex time-consuming regulatory issues and concerns on their own. We can carry out your legal obligations for the management of Blue Box Materials, ITT/AV and batteries, simplifying the complex world of compliance and reporting.

We make recycling and compliance easy for you and provide high-quality compliance services at the best possible price.

Our customers trust us to help them meet their collection targets, and we’re proud to say we’ve always repaid that trust.